Purushottam Yashwant Deshpande

Deshpande, Purushottam Yashwant

Schriftsteller (1899-1986). 4 (1 autograph and 3 typed) letters signed. Varanasi. Zusammen 4 SS. auf 5 Bll. Jeweils mit Adresse (Aerogramme).
$ 912 / 850 € (73082/BN47349)

To Susanna Schaup at Scherz/O. W. Barth Verlag, in publishing matters: "[...] I had a letter from Dr. Ursula Griessel (Scherz Verlag) informing me about the possibility of my book being taken up for publication in America in the English version. I have written to contact Rider & Co., London, who are handling the English edition throughout the world. I take this opportunity to let you know for your record that my successors entitled to receive royalties after my passing away will be as follows in the order given below [...]" (from the letter dated 2 May 1977). - Some staining, tears and edge damage.

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