Ursula Curtiss

Curtiss, Ursula

Schriftstellerin (1923–1984). Ms. Brief mit eigenh. U. [Albuquerque]. 1 S. 4to. Mit ms. adr. Kuvert.
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Ursula Curtiss (1923–1984), US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin. Ms. Brief mit e. U. [Albuquerque], 13. Juni 1980. 1 S. 4°. Mit ms. adr. Kuvert. – An den Autographensammler Otmar Meisel in Hamburg: „[...] I agree that THE SECOND SICKLE did not have the world’s best plot. It was my second book, and second books are notoriously difficult; a good many writers, particularly in the mystery field, make one appearance and are never heard from again. If there were a way to skip from the first book to the third, it would be a blessing for all concerned.

CHILD’S PLAY was my original title for OUT OF THE DARK and my publisher in England kept it, thereby confusing a number of people. A movie was made from it, ,I saw what you did’ with Joan Crawford, but as it was directed specif[i]cally at a teen-aged audience it was not very good although it still turns up occasionally on television here. A far better movie, ,What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?’ was made from THE FORBIDDEN GARDEN (Scherz title: DIE PAPPELALLEE) […]”. – Das Kuvert mit gedr. Adresse..

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