Mortimer Collins

Collins, Mortimer

English poet and novelist (1827-1876). Autograph letter signed. (London). 8vo. 4 pp. on bifolium.
$ 479 / 450 € (82387/BN53388)

To the playwright and editor of "Punch" magazine, Tom Taylor (1817-80), requesting a copy of his historical work "Leicester Square. Its Associations and its Worthies" published in 1874: "You sent me a cheque for 8£ on the 17th of July. There was no indication as to the date of settlement, but I made a rough guess that it was up to the end of June. Could you spare me a copy of your work on 'Leicester Square'? I can make mention of it in one or two journals. I am writing with the vilest of pens, but when I tell you it is in an antechamber of the Treasury, you won't wonder [...]". - Slightly brownstained in places. With 2 small strips of old mounting tape on verso.

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