Herbert Cole

Cole, Herbert

Maler und Illustrator (1867–1930). Eigenh. Brief mit U. O. O. 1 S. 4to.
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Herbert Cole (1867–1930), Maler und Illustrator. E. Brief mit U., o. O., 22. März 1920, 1 Seite 4°. – An den Maler, Kunstautor und Sekretär der Society of Graphic Arts Frank L. Emmanuel (1865–1948): „Enclosed please find cheque for £ 2•2•0 as membership subscription to the Society of Graphic Art. I have never belonged to any Club or Society before but I think the one proposed is a very good move and deserving of success. From the details of the prospectus it would seem that the word ,Graphic’ is to be taken as literally meaning drawings only, excluding colour.

Does it mean that no tinted or coloured drawings would be admitted? In the larger sense of the word ,Graphic’ perhaps the last mentioned kind would be allowable and many black + white artists (to me a paradox) do much work in line and colour. Please do not take it that I am writing in a spirit of Criticism before the rules of the Society have not been definitely fixed […]”. – Zu Coles früheren Arbeiten zählt u. a. eine 1900 bei John Lane erschienene Ausgabe von „Gulliver’s Travels”, die einen starken Einfluß Edmund Joseph Sullivans (1869–1933) erkennen läßt, deutlich aber auch eigene Elemente und Details aufweist, die von einer sehr genauen Kenntnis des Stoffes zeugen..

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