Catherine of Cleves

Cleves, Catherine of

wife of Henry I, Duke of Guise and the matriarch of the powerful and influential House of Guise (1548-1633). Letter signed „Vostre bien bonne amye Katerine de Cleves“. Paris. Folio. 1 page. With address.
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To M. de La Chaussée, „Governor of my County of Eu“ concerning her forest of Eu. [Catherine de Clèves, daughter of François I de Clèves, Duke of Nevers, and Marguerite de Bourbon (elder sister of Antoine de Navarre), married in 1570 Henri de Lorraine, Duke of Guise, known as the Scarred (1549-1588), who gave her 14 children and was assassinated in Blois; she was a staunch supporter of the League.] She and her husband received the amount from the sale of their wood. But, concerning their forest, "we receive endless complaints daily from the guards and sergeants thereof who plunder it and rob us in such a way that we are no longer resolved to endure it, requesting you to ensure that the delinquents are chastised and punished as they deserve.".

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