Léo Claretie

Claretie, Léo

French journalist, critic and writer (1862-1924). Autograph manuscript signed. N. p. o. d. 4to and 8vo. 16 numbered pp. on 16 ff.
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A review of Mieczyslaw Karlowicz's publication of Chopin's Polish letters to his family, "Niewydane dotychczas pamiatki po Chopinie" (Warsaw 1904). Until the publication, the letters were generally believed to have been destroyed during the January Uprising of 1863, when the apartment of Chopin's sister Izabella Barcinska in the Zamoyski Palace was raided and plundered by the Imperial army. Claretie entitled his review "Chopin Intime". - Noticeable browning. Occasional tears and an unprofessional restoration with adhesive tape to the final page.

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