Syd Cheatle

Cheatle, Syd

irischer Schriftsteller (geb. 1943). Ms. Brief mit eigenh. U. London. ¾ S. 4to.
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Syd Cheatle (geb. 1943), irischer Schriftsteller. Ms. Brief mit e. U. London, 12. Januar 1979. ¾ S. 4°. – An den Autographensammler Otmar Meisel in Hamburg: „[...] Glad you enjoyed the Hamburg showing of IM SCHOSS [der Familie] which I hear was very good. You will, I hope, shortly be seeing the German version of my new play GODMOTHER which my agents are presently negotiating with the German publishers. This is also a family play – but this time the family is extremely liberal and pogressive which can cause difficulties quite as annoying as the reverse. It’s set in New York and has been optioned for next season […]”. – Auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Adresse.

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