die Große Catharina II.

Catharina II., die Große

Kaiserin von Russland (1729-1796). Autograph letter signed ("Caterina"). O. O. 2/3 S. Kl.-4to.
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To Lieutenant General Friedrich Wilhelm von Baur about the visit of the Countess Palatine Caroline of Deuxponts, whom she had invited together with three of her daughters to find a fiancée for her son, the future Emperor Paul I of Russia, letting him know that the Countess would spend a night in Yamburg and would have lunch with her in Gatchina on Saturday: "Herr General Lieutenant die Landgräfin wird diese nacht in Yambourg schlafen [...] den Sonabend aber zu Gatschina mit mir den mittag speisen [...]". - The visit had been a success: Paul was to marry Caroline's daughter Wilhelmina Louisa the very same year.

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