Federico Castellón

Castellón, Federico

Maler und Bildhauer (1914-1971). Eigenh. Brief mit U. ("Federo"). Brooklyn, New York. 12.06.1960. 8 SS. auf 4 Bll. 4to. Beiliegend ein eh. Gegenbrief des Adressaten. Mit 18 Originalphotographien seiner Arbeiten in 6 eh. beschriebenen Umschlägen. Jeweils ca. 105:92 mm.
$ 1,046 / 1.000 € (33097/BN27880)

Schöner und inhaltsreicher Brief an einen Carl, d. i. Carl Zigrosser (1891-1975), der damalige Kurator des Philadelphia Museum of Art Prints, über sein gegenwärtiges Schaffen: "It seems unbelievable that so many years have passed since we have communicated seriously or at length. There have been many times when I had wanted to write even a short note to explain my actions but the reality of my situation forbade it. The bitterness of the period only intensified my silence. The limited production of the only art that means anything to me, I kept a selfish secret.

Everybody has wondered what ever brought the situation about, the consensus being that riches seduced me. Perhaps there is a hint of truth in this, since it was a hint of riches that I needed. Now that all of this is behind me, I am not too ashamed to discuss it. At this distance it is almost as if I were narrating somebody else's sordid history [...]". - Auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Briefkopf..

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