Lewis Carroll

Carroll, Lewis

writer (1832-1898). Printed prospectus with autograph additions signed ("C. L. Dodgson"). Eastbourne. 8vo. 1 page.
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To Miss Lawrie, forwarding a prospectus for a house, with an autograph postscript, apparently responding to a proposed dinner party of only three persons: "I have undertaken, on behalf of a friend, to circulate the enclosed prospectus, in the hope of finding a purchaser, or a tenant, for the house. Would you kindly show it to any friend of yours, whom you think it might suit? / Believe me, / Sincerely yours, C. L. Dodgson. / As a general rule, I think 3 a very bad number for a Dinner-party. But was there ever a rule without an exception?".

- In 1875 Dodgson took several known photographs of Rose Lawrie, one of which showed Lawrie draped in a white cloth, titled "The Birthday Wreath" (published in an album of the same name), after the poem "The Birthday" by Dodgson's pen friend Christina Rossetti, the sister of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. - With traces of old mounting to the verso. Slight brownstaining due to glue residue. Includes a small collector's note..

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