Joseph Edwards Carpenter

Carpenter, Joseph Edwards

playwright, composer, and songwriter (1813-1885). Autograph letter signed. [London], Mildmay Villas, Kingsland. 8vo. 1 page on bifolium. Mounted on slightly larger backing paper.
$ 298 / 280 € (92317/BN61363)

To the unidentified women writers of "The Bouquet culled from Marylebone Gardens", a monthly miscellany, with praise for the publication: "I found your note & the accompanying number of your unpublished periodical on my return from a long provincial tour [...] I am much pleased with the content of the work and think that to such efforts professional authors are indebted for much of the literary taste which exists among the more refined & elevated classes of society. Little doubting that some of your contributions will eventually make a name in the world of letters I remain [...]".

- The "Bouquet" was a literary magazine run by aristocratic women based on the far side of Regent's Park. Only subscribers were allowed to contribute, and each had to choose the name of a flower to sign her work: Jean Middlemass was "Mignonette", Lady Hester Browne "Bluebell", and the Knatchbull sisters "Kingcups". The young Christina Rossetti contributed Italian verses under the name of "Calta". - Some duststains to the margins..

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