Carol II.

King of Romania, 1893-1953

Carol was the eldest son of Ferdinand I and became crown prince upon the death of his grand-uncle, King Carol I in 1914. He was the first member of the Romanian branch of the Hohenzollerns who spoke Romanian as his first language. He possessed a hedonistic personality that contributed to the controversies marring his reign. His reign (1930-1940) was marked by re-alignment with Nazi Germany, adoption of anti-semitic laws and ultimately evolved into a personal dictatorship beginning in 1938. On 6 September 1940, he was forced by his Prime Minister Ion Antonescu to leave the country and withdraw abroad into exile. He was succeeded by his son Michael.


Carol II.

König von Rumänien (1893-1953). Autograph letter signed ("[...] Child"). Tárgul Neamt (Târgu Neamt). 03.06.1918. 3½ SS. auf Doppelblatt. Gr.-8vo. Mit eh. adr. Kuvert.
$ 2,983 / 2.800 € (32968/BN27696)

To his mistress "Madmoiselle Zizi Lambrino", i.e. Ioana Maria Marie Valentina Lambrino, known as "Zizi" (1898-1953): [...] My love dear why is our poor life so awful[l]y sad. We do love each other so madly more than wey can say [...]". - Green ink on very thin paper; somewhat browned.

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