Georg Cantor

Cantor, Georg

German mathematician (1845-1918). Autograph letter signed. Halle a. d. Saale. 8vo. 2 pp. Double sheet. Punch holes to upper border.
$ 15,098 / 14.000 € (89665)

Handwritten letter to a colleague, in part (translated): "It was a great pleasure for me to read your kind letter from 17/30 December 1906 to learn that the Mathematical Society at the University of Kharkov, of which you are President, did me the great honor of welcoming me on November 12/25 last year to appoint their honorary member. I would ask you to express my sincere thanks to all members of the society. With great interest I will accept the Society's magazine that you have promised me." In fine condition, with two tiny file holes at the top edge.

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