James Silk Buckingham

Buckingham, James Silk

British author, journalist and traveller (1786-1855). Autograph letter signed. 22 Tavistock Square [London]. 01.07.1827. 8vo. 2 pp. on bifolium.
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To an applicant seeking a position in Buckingham's new weekly journal "The Sphynx": "An ill-timed accident, which has kept me in bed for many days, alone prevented me from replying to your Note of the 22nd alt. before now. I hasten, however, to say, that the Literary Department of the Sphynx being already consigned to the superintendance of a separate Editor, is, as I learn from him, so abundantly filled (& was so before the receipt of your note) as to leave no room for further assistance. I shall still, however, be happy to receive your visit on any occasion [...]".

- Buckingham published his "Travels in Palestine" in 1821, followed by "Travels Among the Arab Tribes" in 1825. He is remembered for his contributions to Indian journalism and was a pioneer among the Europeans who fought for a liberal press in India. "In July 1827 he started a weekly journal of politics, literature, and news, entitled ‘The Sphynx,’ which had an existence of less than two years" (DNB VII, 202). - Previously in the collection of the English novelist Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), with a few biographical notes in her handwriting. - Three small strips of old mounting tape on verso..

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