Marc Isambard Brunel

Brunel, Marc Isambard

French-born British engineer (1769-1849). Autograph letter signed ("M. I. Brunel"). [London]. 12.01.1842. 8vo. 1 p. on bifolium. Includes a small printed portrait, as well as a large steel-engraved portrait of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
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To Sir William Symonds (1782-1856), Surveyor of the Navy: "My dear Sir Williams. Any day most convenient to you will be equally so to me: and the more of your friends you may bring the more gratified I shall be. - Give me notice of a day or even 12 hours - every thing will then be ready for your reception. I am my dear Sir Williams Yours very truly [...]". The civil engineer Sir Marc Isambard Brunel is most famous for constructing the Thames Tunnel, which now forms part of the East London line. His son was the celebrated engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. - Traces of folds.

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Brunel, Marc Isambard

Eigenh. Brief mit Unterschrift.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

To George Yeats of Belgrave Place, Pimlico, writing with mischievous long-windedness: "My dear Sir, You ask me to give you a line to say whether I can dine with you on Friday at ¼ before 6 sans cérémonie. Now in one word I shall reply to your request, and I should say one single monosyllable is sufficient. Yet one monosyllable may be no or may be yes: which therefore of these shall I fix upon? My inclination and the pleasure of your company will not allow any hesitation on the alternative; consequently I must come to the point; but an engagement of a paramount obligation is one of the casualties which no one can guard against and be open to the first that comes in one's way. Wishing to be very brief and solicitous that you should not have a whole page to peruse I shall state first that in compliance with your very kind request, and having no engagement for that day you may put Yes in the third line of this note and allow me to add that I am yours very sincerely [...]". - Brunel is famous for building the first Thames Tunnel; his son was the no less famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. - George Yeats, Esq., an accountant with the Navy Office, died on 29 April 1824 at his home at Lower Belgrave Place. - From the collection of the American engineer, Dr. Verne Louis Roberts (1939-2007), with his bookplate the the inside cover of the portfolio.