Hermann Broch

Broch, Hermann

Schriftsteller (1886-1951). Collection of 5 TLS, 2 APcD and 1 TPcS (initials). Princeton, NJ & New Haven, CT. Zusammen 9 SS. auf 8 Bll. Verschiedene Formate. Zwei Karten mit eh. Adresse. Mit 5 ms. adr. Kuverts.
$ 9,108 / 8.500 € (48400/BN30842)

In German, to the emigré musical scholar Viktor Zuckerkandl (1896-1965): "[...] From the clear blue hell two novels dropped into my lap - one is finished, thank God - and thus everything else which I consider more important (epistemology, politics) has been shifted to the background. And apart from this, everything in this world appears to me unimportant and precarious. One can no longer work for eternity, for we have left it behind. And as I am silly enough to be depressed by this fact more than would be adequate, my physical condition is also somewhat un-brilliant.

My bouts of tiredness are rather abnormal and I battle them with vitamins, hormones, iron, calcium preparations, sometimes not altogether without success [...]" (29 Nov. 1950). Other letters contain extensive ruminations on the humanities and various novels. An undated carbon copy contains Broch's evaluation of Zuckerkandl's then-current research project with six-line greetings: "Dearest, I hope you approve of the following. MS to follow, if possible (even if it embitters the author - it usually does) with my notes of commentary [...]"..

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