David Brewster

Brewster, David

schottischer Physiker (1781-1868). Autograph letter signed. O. O. 27.04.1840. 1½ SS. auf Doppelblatt. Mit eh. Adresse und Siegel. 4to.
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To James Higgins, Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: "[...] Since that time I believe I have published only a treatise on optics in Lardner's Cyclopaedia. I am now engaged in finishing a small Biographic volume entitled The Martyrs of Science on the lives of Galileo, Kepler and Tycho, but particularly on a new and copious Life of Sir Isaac Newton, drawn up from the Family Papers in the possession of the Earl of Portsmouth [...]". David Brester was most noted for his contributions to the field of optics, his inventions include the kaleidoscope and an improved version of the stereoscope.

- Slightly spotty, browned and wrinkled; small tear to fol. 2 through breaking the seal..

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