Inge Borkh

Borkh, Inge

Sopranistin (1921-2018). Archive collection, consisting of letters, postcards, and photographs. Verschiedene Orte. 250 SS. Korrespondenz und 81 Bll. Photographien und Portraitpostkarten mit zusammen 249 Aufnahmen.
$ 5,554 / 5.000 € (77370/BN49634)

The archive collection of Inge Borkh - perhaps the most important performer of "Salome" and "Elektra" - includes an inscribed portrait of Richard Strauss ("For the most excellent Salome, Inge Borkh, in grateful remembrance, DRichard Strauss, Berne, 18 March 47") as well as letters and cards by Sir Georg Solti (2), Karl Boehm (1), Wieland Wagner (2), Leopold Lindtberg (4), Josef Krips (1), Luise Rinser (10), Josef Tal (3), Rudolf Bing (2), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (2), Heinz Tietjen (5), Harry Buckwitz (10 and one inscribed and signed photo from a rehearsal for the Frankfurt prémière of "Macbeth" on 21 June 1962), Ivan Rebroff (1), Ernst Schiffmann (10), Ernst Stankovski (2), August Everding (4), Anneliese Rothenberger (1 ), Ljuba Welitsch, Max Lorenz, Richard Trunk, Boy Gobert, and Gerhard Bronner.

From Jess Thomas, another then highly esteemed Strauss singer, there are several signed photographs and greeting cards (5), and from Hermann Hesse's wife Ninon there is an autograph letter signed to the consul Franz Simon, Inge Borkh's father, whom she sends a copy of Hesse's "Beschreibung einer Landschaft" with an autogr. inscription by him. - Inge Borkh's numerous photographs, mostly portraits (some in costume) and portrait snapshots, cover a period of almost seven decades..

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