Jorge Luis Borges

Borges, Jorge Luis

Argentine writer, essayist, and poet (1899-1986). Signed book: Obra Poetica. First edition. Buenos Aires: Emece Editores, 1964. Hardcover, 6 x 8, 279 pages.
$ 1,047 / 900 € (2668)

Signed on the first free end page in black ballpoint, “Jorge Luis Borges.” Also bears an ownership signature of English art historian Bevis Hillier, “Bevis Hillier, Buenos Aires, 1974,” and an affixed color photo of Hillier meeting Borges. Autographic condition: very good, with toning to edges of signed page, caption notations below affixed photo, library label, and aforementioned ownership signature. Book condition: VG/None. This specially illustrated edition was released to celebrate the publisher’s 25th anniversary, and features gorgeous color plates by Hector Basaldua, Norah Borges, Horacio Butler, and Raul Soldi.

Borges, Jorge Luis

Schriftsteller (1899-1986). Autograph manuscript signed ("Jorge Borges"). O. O. 4 SS. auf 3 Bll. 8vo.
$ 17,451 / 15.000 € (41007/BN21489)

This Spanish translation of Keats's ballad "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" is by far the earliest manuscript by Borges to have surfaced at international auctions or in the trade during recent decades. - Slightly browned due to paper; some slight paper defects, otherwise very well preserved.

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Borges, Jorge Luis

„Elegía de Palermo“. Autograph mansucript (48 lines) signed.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Dedicated to the Argentinian poet Francisco („Paco“) Luis Bernárdez (1900–1978): „Este es una elegía | de cuando los portones de Palermo hacían sombra | y a cualquier bocacalle le salía un compadrito. | Esta es una elegía | que se acuerda de un largo resplandor agachado | que las tardes derechas daban a los baldíos | Este es una elegía | para unos barriletes que hacían fiesta en el cielo | ¡charro papelerío | por donde lo escalaron al cielo los domingos! [...]“. - Somewhat brownstained.