Louis A. Blanqui

Blanqui, Louis A.

French revolutionary, socialist and publicist (1805-1881). Autograph letter signed. No place. 1 p. on bifolium. Large 8vo. With autograph address verso (folded for mailing).
$ 2,683 / 2.500 € (940538/BN940538)

To his friend Martin, in response to an invitation and explaining that they should be at the exhibition in the morning and arrive at a particular place in the evening: "J'arrive et je trouve votre gracieuse invitation. [...] il faut être à l'exposition du martin au soir et finir au [...]. Vous savez ce que c'est que d'être juge [...]". - Blanqui fought in several armed rebellions and spent 33 years of his life in prison. He wrote the astronomical work "L'Eternité par les astres" (1872). - Tear due to opening of the letter. A spot of adhesive residue.

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