Carl Benz

Benz, Carl

(1844-1929), dt. Ingenieur u. Automobilpionier E. U. (voller Namenszug) auf Briefschluß. o. O. u. D.
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Beiliegend Briefschluß mit e.U. des dt. Ingenieurs, Automobilkonstrukteurs u. Vorstandsmitgliedes der "Daimler-Benz AG", Friedrich "Fritz" NALLINGER (1898-1984), unsigniertes Foto Nallingers und 1 Schreiben der "Daimler-Benz AG", Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, 1.2.1933, anläßlich Übersendung von Bilanzunterlagen

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Benz, Carl

E. Brief mit U.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Carl Benz (1844–1929), engineer and inventor of the gasoline-powered automobile. ALS (“Dr. C. Benz”). Vienna, 28 September 1866. 1 p. on double leaf. Folio. In German. Fine letter by the 22-year-old Benz to one Dr. Ungar in Vienna: “As you have offered to leave at my disposal, for an indefinite period, a flywheel with all the necessary fittings, I hereby pledge myself to return the same to you within three days after receiving notice from you. If you address the issue of compensation for the use, I request you to let me know the figure you have in mind [...]”. – After having studied mechanical engineering and working as an engine constructor in Karlsruhe and as a construction draughtsman of a Mannheim wagon builder, Carl Benz had also spent some time in Vienna before forming his first own company in 1871. – Reverse and fol. 2 contain several contemporary notes regarding wrenches, rolls etc. Insignificant damage to edges. – Autographs by the great inventor and founder of what was later to be the Daimler-Benz Corp. are extremely rare; none could be traced at German or international auctions of the past 60 years.