Herbert Bayer

Bayer, Herbert

Typograph, Graphikdesigner, Architekt und Bauhauskünstler (1900–1985). 8 typed letters signed („Herbert“). Aspen (Colorado). Zusammen 8 SS. auf 9 Bll. Gr.-4to.
$ 7,600 / 6.500 € (25375)

To the German painter Jürgen Claus (b. 1935), about his work, a film project, exhibitions, a revised manuscript he had returned, an interview, etc. „[...] the movie is a very sad story. it would take a long time to explain all the circumstances. but, in brief, atlantic richfield offered to sponsor the film by advancing the money, which the producer had to match equally. however, he used up the entire amount of $ 35,000 and has not paid the laboratory, has not paid all the people who worked for him, has not even paid his hotel in aspen, and does not answer the phone anymore.

we have secured at least the original film by paying what he owed the laboratory. now we have the film but not the complete sound track and the film has only been two-thirds edited. all together this means more money before we have the product and he was supposed to distribute the film. we will have to look after that ourselves. it is all in the hands of atlantic richfield who will now sue the producer and after that we will see what happens [...]“ (February 7, 1974). – On personal stationery; partly with punched holes at left margins (not touching text)..

Bayer, Herbert

Typograph, Graphikdesigner, Architekt und Bauhauskünstler (1900–1985). Eigenh. Brief mit U. und 6 eh. Bildpostkarten mit U. Aspen (Colorado) u. a. Zusammen 7 SS. auf 7 Bll. 4to und qu.-8vo.
$ 2,923 / 2.500 € (25915)

Herbert Bayer (1900–1985), Typograph, Graphikdesigner, Architekt und Bauhauskünstler. E. Brief mit U. und 6 e. Bildpostkarten mit U. Aspen (Colorado) u. a., 1970er und 1980er Jahre. Zusammen 7 SS. auf 7 Bll. 4to und qu.-8vo. – An den deutschen Maler und Medienkünstler Jürgen Claus (geb. 1935), u. a. von einer Reise nach Marokko: „The last market city before the desert is all pink and people wear blue in all shades. tomorrow we will see the camel market and start driving north again [...]“ (18.

XII. 1971). – „[...] the situation with the house is unpleasant although nothing disastrous has happened. here are beautiful days and still many flowers in the garden. but after the pressure it is somewhat a letdown in a vacuum [...]“ (1. X. 1872)..

Bayer, Herbert

Typograph, Graphikdesigner, Architekt und Bauhauskünstler (1900–1985). 4 autograph letters signed. New York, Aspen, Mailand. 4to. 13 Seiten.
$ 5,261 / 4.500 € (47366)

To Alexander Dorner (former curator of the Lower Saxony State Museum and head of the Kestner Society who was living then in Hanover, New Hampshire), giving some remarks on a book Dorner had written („The first part in general I find difficult to understand, partly because of the highly abstract language and sometimes the use of German words literally translated [...]“), making suggestions for typography and illustration, and recommending the publishing house of Auer at Bonn for publishing.

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