Hafiz al- Assad

Assad, Hafiz al-

syrischer Politiker und als Generalsekretär der Baath-Partei, Ministerpräsident sowie Staatspräsident von 1970 bis 2000 der Diktator Syriens (1930-2000). Eigenh. Brief m. U. Syrien. 4to. 2 1/2 SS. Gelocht. Offizielles Briefpapier des Präsidenten.
$ 27,268 / 25.000 € (59956)

An den damaligen deutschen Bundespräsidenten Walter Scheel: „[…] It gives me great pleasure at the end our visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, to express on behalf of my wife, in my own name and on behalf of the Syrian Arab delegation, our sincere thanks to your Excellency, to Her Excellency Mrs. Dr. Mildred Scheel and to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany for the hospitality accorded to us during our stay in your country. This visit gave us the opportunity to meet with your Excellency, with His Excellency Chancellor Schmidt […] and with representatives of important sectors in your country, and to carry out discussions to the benefit of our two countries.


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