Herbert Henry Asquith

Asquith, Herbert Henry

British Prime Minister (1852-1928). 4 (3 autogr. and 1 typed) letters signed. Mostly London. Small 4to and 8vo. Altogether 10¼ pp.
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To various addressees, on appointments and non-appointments: "It is with sincere and keen regret that I find myself unexpectedly disabled by the call of public duty from being present with you this evening. I had looked forward to the opportunity of hearing what Lord Haldane had to say on the subject of our National duty in these critical times, and of paying such tribute as I could to the signal service he has rendered, and the splendid example he has set, to the Empire. As I cannot be with you, I should be glad if you would convey my message to your meeting.

Lord Haldane is the oldest personal and political friend that I have in the world. For the best part of 35 years we have been associated in close and unbroken intimacy. We have worked together, and fought side by side, through many vicissitudes of fortune, in the pursuit of what we have believed to be great and worthy causes, without (so far as I can recall) more than a passing shadow of difference in opinion, and always with the same ideals in view [...]" (from the letter of July 5, 1915; to Mr. Lincolnshire)..

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