Roald Amundsen

Norwegian explorer, 1872-1928

"Amundsen, the explorer of polar regions and a key figure of the ""Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration"", led the first expedition to traverse the Northwest Passage by sea, from 1903 to 1906, and the first expedition to the South Pole in 1911. He also led the first expedition proven to have reached the North Pole in a dirigible in 1926. He disappeared while taking part in a rescue mission for the airship Italia in 1928."

Source: Wikipedia

Amundsen, Roald

Norwegian explorer of polar regions (1872-1909). Autograph Letter Signed ("Roald Amundsen") Kristiania. 4to. 1 page. On Amundsen's stationery.
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Amundsen responds to a request from Isaac N. Sargent of Malden, Massachusetts for information about his voyages: "I have been several times in the Arctic but only twice for my own account both times with my vessel the 'Gjoa' first trip in 1901-1902 and second trip 1903-1906[.] ... I never tried to proceed towards the north and do not exactly know to what latitude I have been but you will easily be able to construct it in following my route on the map." - Matted and framed with portrait photograph of Amundsen.

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Amundsen, Roald

Unterschrift auf Albumblatt mit beiliegender Portraitphotographie.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar