Giovanni Battista Amici

Italian astronomer, microscopist, and botanist, 1786-1863

His name is best known for the improvements he effected in the mirrors of reflecting telescopes and especially in the construction of the microscope. He was also a diligent and skillful observer, and busied himself not only with astronomical subjects, such as the double stars, the satellites of Jupiter and the measurement of the polar and equatorial diameters of the sun, but also with biological studies of the circulation of the sap in plants, the fructification of plants, infusoria etc. He was the first to observe the pollen tube.

Source: Wikipedia

Amici, Giovanni Battista

Italian astronomer and microscopist (1786-1863). Autograph letter signed ("GBatt[ist]a Amici"). Florence. Large 4to. 1 p. on double leaf. With autogr. address.
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Amicable letter to his brother Pietro on family affairs around the easter holiday: "E' arrivato da Pisa in questo momento la Norina con tutta la famiglia per passare con noi le feste di Pasqua. Dopo la lezione si metterà in viaggio anche Vincenzo, che aspettiamo stasera [...]". - Fol. 2 with small tear due to breaking of seal (not touching text).

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