Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.)

American professional boxer, 1942-2016

"Ali was a leading heavyweight boxer of the 20th century, and he has been ranked the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. He was involved in several historic boxing matches and feuds, most notably his fights with Joe Frazier, such as the ""Thrilla in Manila"", and his fight with George Foreman known as ""The Rumble in the Jungle"". He converted to Islam and became a Muslim after 1961, and eventually took the name Muhammad Ali. In 1966, he refused to be drafted into the military, citing his religious beliefs and opposition to the Vietnam War. Ali was a high-profile figure of racial pride for African Americans during the civil rights movement."

Source: Wikipedia

Ali, Muhammad

American former professional boxer (b. 1942). Autograph manuscript. N. p. o. d. 4to. 1 page.
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“If you are contented with the wealth Allah (God) has given you, utilise it correctly, a true believer should spend it in Allah’s cause, before such a time comes when you are deprived of your riches, we should make the best of our own life before we die, because as long as a person lives, he is capable of doing deeds, good or bad. But when he is dead, there is an end to all his deeds”. - Stapled to the top is an AQS, signed “Muhammad Ali,” on a yellow 5.5 x 4 lined sheet. Ali pens a religious quote: “God will guard the Truth, and is the Source of all things, He is Eternal, 7-86”, along with a small sketch of a smiley face.

- Overall wrinkling, otherwise fine condition. Accompanied by a full letter of authenticity from JSA. Handwritten texts from Ali are quite rare and in extremely high demand..

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Ali, Muhammad

E. Albumblatt mit kleiner Handskizze und U.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Muhammad Ali (geb. 1942), Boxer. E. Albumblatt mit kleiner Handskizze und U. O. O., 12. November 1987. 1 S. Gr.-4°. – „To Reiner | from | Muhammad Ali | Three time Heavy Weight Boxing | Champion of the World | and the greatest Boxer of | all times [!]. After me there | will never be another [...]“. – Die kleine Handzeichnung zeigt einen Boxring und daneben den „greatest Boxer of all times“. – Auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Briefkopf.

Ali, Muhammad

Eigenh. Albumblatt mit kleiner Handskizze und U.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

„Service to others is the rent we pay for our room in HEAVEN“. – The drawing shows a face and a boxing ring. – Mounted on cardboard.