Jean le Rond d' Alembert

Alembert, Jean le Rond d'

French mathematician, musician, and philosopher (1717-1783). Autograph letter signed ("d'alembert"). Paris. 4to. 2½ pp. on bifolium with integral address panel. In French.
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To the playwright Charles-Louis de Portelance, in his castle of Thoury near the Château-Landon, where Portelance appears to be embroiled in political difficulties. Best known for his mathematical discoveries and as co-editor with Diderot of the "Encyclopédie", d'Alembert here shows his political side. He is, however, forced to deliver bad news: he was finally able to see the Spanish ambassador, but the ambassador had no place to offer "notre jeune homme", who would "ne trouverois rien à faire en Espagne".

Additionally, the ambassador does not like to "mêler en vien de ce qui regarde les places militaires". Well-wishes are offered for Portelance's campaign ("Je vous souhaite à votre campagne plus de santé et de repos que vous n'en avez eu cette Eté") and the health of his eyesight. - Light creasing and foxing. With two chips missing from the second page due to breaking the wax seal (no loss to text)..

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