Paul Ableman

Ableman, Paul

Schriftsteller (1927–2006). Ms. Brief mit eigenh. U. („Paul A.”). London. 1 S. 4to.
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Paul Ableman (1927–2006), englischer Schriftsteller. Ms. Brief mit e. U. („Paul A.”). London, 29. April 1977. 1 S. 4°. – An den Autographensammler Otmar Meisel in Hamburg: „I did like your letter. It seemed to me to show a more sensitive appreciation of what I tried to do, particularly in Tests, than any critic has displayed. Yes, Duncan House is a brute to find. You should have phoned me – I’m in the book. I return your plays with inscriptions and I take the liberty to include a copy of Green Julia, my only other published play […] [PS.] Alas, I find there isn’t one in the house […]”.

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