Franz Xaver Simm

Simm, Franz Xaver

Austrian painter and illustrator (1853-1918). Autograph postcard signed. Munich. Oblong 8vo (postcard). 1 page.
180 € (84698/BN55206)

Inscribed to the German dermatologist Alwin Scharlau: "F. Simm Maler, sendet beste Grüße aus München". - Studying at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, Simm received a fellowship to Rome in 1876 and remained in Italy until 1881, when he moved to Tblisi and later to Munich. His oeuvre comprises small genre paintings as well as book illustrations, including an 1899 edition of Goethe's "Faust". - Traces of a postmark near left margin. Self-addressed by the collector on the reverse. The Mecklenburg physician Scharlau (b. 1888) assembled a collection of artists' autographs by personal application.

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