Frida Kahlo

Kahlo, Frida

Mexican painter (1907-1954). Autograph letter signed „Yours Frida“ and three traces of lipstick kisses. no place. 4to. 2 pp.
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To Julien Levy who arranged together with André Breton for Kahlo's first solo exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery in New York in 1938. Kahlo apologizes for Rivera’s decision to cancel the exhibition of his surrealist paintings at Levy’s gallery, scheduled for autumn of 1939. Rivera had just been invited to paint a new mural in San Francisco at the Golden Gate International Exhibition and was eager to leave Mexico because of political reasons that came as result of the assassination of Leon Trotsky.

Once again Frida recalls Muriel Streeter and wishes to keep in touch with her. Frida acknowledges in the letter that Julien and Muriel where a loving couple, but nevertheless send her “love” to both and a “kiss” to each one. If she had money, she would come immediately to Florida but she is condemned to stay put: “If I had dough, I would go immediately to Florida, but I have not a damn cent extra and must stay where I am.” Diego [RIVERA] has worked hard for the planned exhibit but he will not have in the end enough material for October-November. He has decided not to have an exhibit this year. He wanted to write Julien Levy himself but his English is worse that hers. She is awfully sorry he changed his mind three months before but she knows he is right because there are too few important works. It is better to wait next year. She sends kisses to Julien and Muriel..

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Kahlo, Frida

Autograph letter signed „Frida The three moons“.
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To Julien Levy who arranged together with André Breton for Kahlo's first solo exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery in New York in 1938. Important letter relative to her famous and celebrated self-portrait Autoretrato con monos (“Frida and the Four Monkeys”). Frida Kahlo recommends her friend and artist Florence Arquin. “She is not only one of my best friends but also a very good painter. She had an exhibition of her work in Mexico, recently with a great success (...) She is taking with her – very kindly – one of my paintings to deliver it from Chicago to you: Frida and the four monkeys. I hope you will like it and fi nd it sellable. I couldn’t send you more because unfortunately, as soon as I fi nish a painting I must sell it to get the dough. But little by little I will send you as many as I can, to be able once to have the show I promised you”. She signs “Frida the three moons” and adds at the end: “I will send you some drawings I made which Florence and Diego found interesting.” - Florence Arquin, artist and photographer, became a friend to the Riveras and eventually wrote a book about Rivera’s early experience as an artist in Europe. Frida’s seems to have had a very open relation with Julien Levy and doesn’t hesitate to let him know about her continual interest in Muriel.