Saddam Hussein

Hussein, Saddam

former President of Iraq (1937-2006). Typed letter signed "Saddam Husain". N. p. 22.07.1980. 4to. ½ p.
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Signing a decision of the Revolutionary Command Council with regard to the authority of the traffic police: "Decision. In accordance with article forty-second, paragraph A, of the Temporary Constitution. The Revolutionary Command Council decided during its meeting of 22/7/1980 the following: (1) The police officer shall be granted the power to act as a judge of the Traffic Court in order to detain the driver of the car who has violated the standards of the traffic regulations and the rules of conduct for a period exceeding one month.

The Ministers of Interior and Justice will be able to take this decision [...]". - Written three months before Iraq invaded Iran, leading to the eight year long Iran-Iraq war..

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Hussein, Saddam

Portraitphotographie mit eigenh. Datum und U. auf Arabisch.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Halbfigürliches Farbportrait en face, wohl 1980er Jahre.