Charles and Chaplin Chaplin

Chaplin, Charles and Chaplin, Sydney

iconic silent film actor and comedian (1889-1977). Early document signed. Los Angeles, California. 4to. 28 pp.
3.500 € (90563)

A lengthy legal document signed “Charles Chaplin”. It pertains to a lawsuit Chaplin filed against Vitagraph-Lubin-Selig-Essanay, Inc. and the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company concerning his movie A Burlesque of Carmen, which Chaplin had written, directed, and starred in for Essanay. Chaplin seems to have been unhappy with changes that Essanay made for a second version released after Chaplin had moved on to another film company, and he was suing to have it pulled from the market due to concern for how it could harm his reputation.

He ultimately lost the suit. Chaplin signed on the second page, following a short affidavit concerning his contract with the movie makers and his idea of the film. His affidavit mentions Geraldine Farrar and Theda Bara, though neither was involved in the suit. A notary also signed. The remaining eight pages contain the unsigned statement of Essanay General Manager Walter W. Irwin. The document is in fine condition with filing holes and occasional losses to the edges. There is a similar, accompanying document signed by Sydney Chaplin, the elder half-brother of Charlie. The second document also has news clippings and programs attached to the legal sized sheets..

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