William Boxall

Boxall, William

English painter and director of the National Gallery (1800-1879). ALS. 14 Welbeck Street (London). 8vo. 1 p. on single leaf. With a portrait photograph (65 x 105 mm).
250 € (77401/BN49836)

To a Miss Moore in response to an invitation: "I hope Rembrandts works interested you. The collection is I think most admirable. - We will talk of their wonders on Thursday at a 1/4 past 7 when I hope to have the pleasure of hearing your criticisms as well as eating your dinner [...]". - Boxall refers to the Rembrandt collection of the National Gallery that grew under his mandate as director (1865-74). The attributions of serveral of Boxall's acquisitions where controversial at their time. Some of them couldn't be substantiated as in the case of the so called "Suermondt Rembrandt". - With damages of the upper right and the lower left corners and traces of former mounting. No text loss

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