Simón Bolívar

Bolívar, Simón, "El Libertador"

liberator of South America (1783-1830). Autograph letter signed ("Bolívar"). Bogota. 27.11.1828. 4to. 3 pages on bifolium.
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Interesting letter to his friend José Angel Alamo, mentioning the Conspiracy in September waged against him. Bolivar is president of Gran Columbia where he had declared dictatorship from 27 August 1828. A coalition of liberals and military men attempted to take over the presidential palace: Bolivar escaped by the window. The conspiracy was severely repressed including such leaders as Santander punished for his passivity. In this letter, Bolivar mentions his elder sister Maria Antonia Bolivar (1777-1842).

Bolivar thanks Alamo for his letter of 20 October full of useful information. Alamo must be aware of the cause of the conspiracy. Santander was arrested in Boca Chica and his supporters sent to Puerto Cabello rather than exile. All will be done to annihilate the rebels. - Some foxing to paper; small slitting to folds; a few wormholes; repairs; stored in a red cloth and half-morocco folder with a photographic portrait on the inner upper board..

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Bolívar, Simón, aka El Libertador

Letter signed ("Bolivar").
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

In English, to Commodore Isaac Hull, in response to the protests formulated by Hull and Commodore Thomas Brown, relative to the naval blockade of Callao during the Peruvian war of independence: "[...] It is very satisfactory to me to be able to assure you that my answer is almost entirely in accordance with the sentiments which you & Comd. Brown have manifested to me in defence of the rights of Nations; on my part, my greatest care will always be to preserve inviolable the friendship which the United States have deemed well to profess towards us [...]". - "From 1824 to 1827, Isaac Hull commanded the Pacific Squardon, and a great deal of that period he spent in the city of Callao in Peru, during Simon Bolivar's brilliant liberation of Peru, and excellent relations were constantly maintained between the two officers" (P. F. Kenny: Heroes, Villains, and Conflicts [Xlibris, 2016], s. v. Isaac Hull). - With: 17 letters or documents relative to the blockade of Callao and its consequences, including 6 signed letters, the rest contemporary copies, April to December 1824 (4 in Spanish and 13 in English). - Thomas S. Hamersley, lieutenant in the United States Navy, letter addressed to Cdr. Charles Stewart, commander of the naval forces in the U.S. based in the Pacific Ocean. - Isaac Hull, commander in chief of the U.S. Navy fleet in the Pacific (4 letters including a duplicate): to General Simon Bolivar to protest the blockade, but also to side with him concerning human sufferings; 3 letters to Samuel Southard, American Navy secretary; and one letter to Stanhope Provost, vice-consul of the U.S. in Lima. - Heman Allen (Minister of the U.S. posted in Santiago de Chile), to John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State. - José Sánchez Carrión, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, letter to Hull. - Tomás de Heres (to Hull); instructions given by Bolivar to the Vice-Admiralty of the Peruvian naval fleet; documents received by the Navy department of the U.S. or transmitted to General Bolivar, state of the naval forces in the Pacific etc.

Bolívar, Simón, "El Libertador"

Urkunde mit eigenh. U. ("Simon Bolivar").
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Belobigung für John Bendle, Hauptmann der Infanterie im Bataillon "Albion". Bolivar unterschreibt unten mittig als Präsident von Kolumbien und Oberkommandierender; sein Adjutant Hauptmann Diego Ibarra unterschreibt zur Rechten. - Links Reste des originalen roten Wachssiegels. Verso bezeichnet. Einige Löchlein; in den Rändern altersgebräunt; kleiner Einriss am unteren Blattrand. Wohlerhalten.