Karl Theodor Boehme

Boehme, Karl Theodor

German painter (1866-1939). Autograph signature. Karlsruhe. 04.07.1916. Oblong 8vo (postcard). ½ page.
180 € (84309/BN54812)

Inscribed to the German dermatologist Alwin Scharlau. - Applying himself to marine and lanscape painting, Boehme made extensive study visits to Norway, Italy, and France between 1888 and 1925, specialized in depicting rocky coastal areas often lacking any sign of civilization, and created his most popular paintings on the Capri coast. - Traces of a postmark. Self-addressed by the collector on the reverse. The Mecklenburg physician Scharlau (b. 1888) assembled a collection of artists' autographs by personal application.

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