Hippolyte Cisserant

Cisserant, Hippolyte

French actor (1809-1877). 6 autograph letters signed. Paris. 8vo and 12mo. Together 7½ pp.
$ 434 / 400 € (90184/BN59635)

Three shorter letters in the collection are of practical nature, asking for or granting theater tickets. In a letter from 4 Mai 1858 to the "Association des artistes dramatiques", Cisserant announces his resignation from the committee of the association because of an accident and lack of time. - On 14 July 1862, Cisserant informed a friend that the Odéon cannot hire a Mademoiselle Blainville even though he was impressed by her: "J'ai vue et entendue Mlle Blainville. Je lui trouve des qualités ; elle a du naturel, elle est jolie femme, enfin, j'ai d'elle une bonne opinion!...

mais... il n'y a pas de place!". - Finally, Cisserant wrote a charming letter to the famous comic actor and close friend Jean-Marie Joseph Geoffroy, known as Geoffroy. The letter is remarkable as Geoffroy famously avoided socializing with his colleagues and was decried as a misanthrope. However, Cisserant addresed Geoffroy as "Mon Bon Jojo" and writes with great humor about his leg injury that prevented him from meeting Geoffroy. The letter can be dated with respect to the death of Geoffroy's wife Louisa Kersent in 1864 as Cisserant sent greetings her. - Hippolyte Cisserant was a comic actor at the Théâtre du Gymnase and at the Odéon. - The letter from 14 July 1862 on stationary with lithogr. letterhead of the Odéon theater. A letter from 14 September 1854 with embossed monogram. The letter to the "Association des artistes dramatiques" with recipient's note and traces of a collection label. Well preserved..